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Water Damage and Restoration

Water damage, caused by a clogged drain, a back-up in the main sewage line, a break in a plumbing line or leak, can cause significant damage to your home. If the damage to the affected areas is not remediated quickly, standing water and even invisible moisture can cause greater damage to your home including the formation of mold and other bacteria.

MNM Construction Services is a licensed general contractor and a licensed plumbing company qualified to repair the cause of the damage and perform water restoration on the affected areas.

Water Damage and Restoration Process

  1. Emergency Water Extraction
  2. Pack out of Contents
  3. Dehumidify Damaged Area
  4. Carpet Cleaning / Drying*
  5. Tile Cleaning / Drying*
  6. Hardwood Cleaning / Drying*
  7. Structual Cleaning
  8. Mold and Bacteria Prevention
* If Necessary

When water damage impacts your home, the process can be overwhelming. Our technicians understand the inconvenience this process can be. We take great care to thoroughly extract all the water from the damaged area and use air movers and dehumidifiers to reduce the humidity in the affected area to normal levels. This prevents further damage to the impacted area and reduces the chances for mold and bacteria growth.

In order to properly dry down and clean the damaged area, your contents including furniture, area rugs, desks, tables and other items will need to be packed and moved to another area or storage facility. We will carefully pack your items to prevent additional damage.

Water damage to your floors can worsen over time if not properly cleaned and treated. If the water is from a back up in the sewage line, special care must be taken to properly clean the area to limit the spread of sewage water and bacteria to other areas of your home that were not immediately affected.

Once the standing water has been extracted from the floors and the dehumidifiers and fans have extracted moisture from the damaged area, moisture can still remain within the walls surrounding the impacted area. Sometimes air can be forced into the walls to dry the area or it may be necessary to remove portions of the drywall to ensure the moisture has been dried.

To further limit the ability for mold and bacteria to grow, a solution is sprayed on the affected areas. This solution is organic and non-toxic and is not harmful to you or your family.

Water damage can be limited to a small area in the case of a drain clog or can affect a large area in the event of a pipe break. Whatever damage water has caused to your house, MNM Construction will not only fix the cause of the problem but can fix the damage caused by the problem.

Insurance Company Approved

Did You Know?

When water damage impacts your house, home owner's insurance will usually pay the cost for water restoration. This includes repairing the damage to your house caused by the water damage and cleaning or replacing personal items that were damaged. Contact your insurance agent for more details regarding your home owner's policy.

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